10 Surprising Facts About Bulldogs

10 Surprising Facts About Bulldogs

10 Surprising Facts About Bulldogs

The first endearing tub of rolls and muscle we came to know as the Bulldog was born in 5th century, Early Medieval England. Since then, this breed has won over hearts—and couches—from all over the world. Learn 10 facts about this kind of dog from why we love them, to what makes them perfect as first pets and how they came to be.

#1: Gentle breed, especially with kids

Bulldogs are known to be lovable companions for families and are great at handling kids. In their fondness of children, the typically lazy ball of marshmallow will surprise you with hidden energy, reserved only for playtime with the brood.

 #2: Has a (distant) dark past

It may be hard to imagine them as hunters but they were originally bred for bullbaiting. After the sport was banned in 1835, they took on the role of house pet and they never seemed happier.

 #3: Will sleep for an entire day, if you let it

Don’t be surprised if they stay on the couch, in their bed, or on the floor, literally snoozing the day away. They’ll need some encouragement and a determined owner to help keep them at least somewhat active.

 #4: Hates exercise

No surprise there but the Bulldog is not the biggest fan of any kind of physical activity. It’s up to the pet parent to make sure they get their daily recommended exercise, though they need only minimal. A 15-minute walk is good enough compromise to keep everyone happy.

 #5: Great for apartments

Their small size, calm demeanor, and general quietness make them ideal for apartment living. They don’t easily get bothered by noises and movements. Barking is reserved for protecting the family as well as territory. Bulldogs will happily choose a comfy spot on the sofa over a yard.

 #6: Very low-energy

Don’t expect them to greet you at the door. They’ll acknowledge your presence with a raised head, and maybe a tail wag but there’s a good chance they might not get up at all. Not that they’re not happy to see you. They’re simply happy to stay rooted to wherever they are.

 #7: Recommended for new dog owners

Easy to care for, they’re a wonderful choice for first-time dog parents, and those who work in an office. Bulldogs aren’t anxious animals so leaving them alone for long hours won’t be a problem as long as they have food, water, and the temperature is kept cool.

 #8: Very calm

The Bulldogs retain a certain toughness that’s well-balanced with their easy going nature. As mentioned, they’re not easily fazed by sound, movements, and won’t get anxious about being alone for sometime. This also contributes to their patient nature when around kids.

 #9:  Not made for water

We love taking our pets for water adventures but the Bulldog is one of those breeds that aren’t built to float. Give them a little help to keep them safe while having fun with a good quality dog life jacket.

 #10: Not made for heat

Bulldogs are prone to overheating because their bodies aren’t good at releasing heat. It helps to keep them in the shade and avoid going out when the weather is at its hottest. Just in case, carry a portable cooling mat with you so your pooch stays healthy and comfy.

They’re so sweet and adorable, we’d be happy to let a Bulldog take over a whole section of the couch. If you know a person whose lifestyle fits with the breed’s personality well, send these facts over to them!

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