Discover the Dog Friendly Co collection of dog accessories. From handy leash splitters, to dog seat belts and custom name patches, you’ll find everything you need for your pooch in a variety of bright and classic colours when you shop our selection. Our accessories are designed to make getting out and about with your dog as easy and fun as possible. Make walkies with more than one dog simple with our leash splitter, customise your dog’s harness with our Velcro name patches and make sure your dog travels safely on all journeys with our dog seat belts. All of our dog accessories are designed with your dog’s ultimate safety and convenience in mind. We also have gift cards available so you can treat family and friends to treats for their pooch, too.  Our email gift cards have no expiry date and are easily redeemable at checkout making them the perfect gift for fellow dog lovers in your life.

Dog Accessories in Australia

Discover the most comprehensive range of dog accessories in Australia. Each of our stylish dog accessories is designed with making your daily life together better. From morning walkies with your pooch, to driving down to the beach in the car and the extra peace of mind you’ll get from investing in a name patch, we’ve got a dog accessory for every occasion. Each of our dog accessories is compatible with our dog collars, leashes and dog harnesses available on site so you can combine matching accessories for a stylish look. You’ll also not be disappointed in the quality or durability of our accessories. Made from ultra-soft and chafe free fabrics, each of our accessories is comfortable and safe for your furry friend. Not only are they designed with comfort at the forefront of their design, safety is also a key feature. Our dog accessories feature heavy duty clip fastenings and reflective stitching to make sure you’ll be visible on walkies, be it day or night.

Our customizable Velcro name patches mean you can display your dog’s name, your phone number or other contact details with ease. This gives you extra peace of mind as an owner that should your dog ever run away on walks or escape from the garden, they can be easily reunited with you. Our dog seatbelt is another must have accessory for all dog owners. Not only does it keep your dog safely seated on car journeys, it also prevents driver distraction and risk of injury. It’s equipped with bungee technology to prevent any strain being place on your dog should you need to brake sharply.

The universal seat belt clip also works with the majority of vehicles so all you need to do is clip in and go. Our dog accessories range makes every day easier. Be it taking both dogs out on a walk at once or taking your dog to visit family and friends in the car.  Shop the collection of dog accessories today. Australia is a nation of dog lovers so whether you’re treating your pooch or buying a gift card for a family member or friend, our dog accessories are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.