Keep your dog stylish, comfortable and safely under control when you shop our incredible selection of dog harnesses. Whether your dog is pulling you on the leash, or you just want a little more control to stop them wandering off on your everyday adventures, you’ve come to the right place. Shop the best range of dog harnesses Australia has to offer when you browse our collection. From small harnesses for breeds like Pugs and French Bulldogs, to larger harnesses suitable for Labradors and Huskies, we have a dog harness to suit every breed, no matter what size of shape.

Each harness is adjustable to fit the unique shape of your dog, so you can be assured he or she is completely protected and comfortable no matter how long or short your walk is. Discover the range to find different colours and sizes with a removable Velcro patch that you can customise with your dog’s name, phone number or any message you like. Shop the collection of weather-proof, lightweight dog harnesses today to make your walkies comfier than ever before. From walks on the beach to roadside rambles, our dog harnesses are designed to protect your dog and offer yourself as the handler complete control.

Secure and cushioned dog harness

Every one of our dog harnesses are made from chafe-free webbing to ensure your dog is kept comfortable and supported every step of the way. They’re designed with a one-click, on and off buckle for ease when fitting and speed when taking the dog’s harness on and off. This simple on and off function means that you can let your dog run free in open spaces, while quickly being able to pop their harness back on in seconds if you see another dog approaching. Our products are equipped with some of the best technology in dog harnesses Australia has available. The heavy duty secure straps are designed to be both strong and durable, making every harness a good investment for the future. The wide chest strap gives an extra layer of support across the front, especially handy for deep chested dogs who may be stronger when pulling on the leash. This strap helps to evenly distribute the pulling force, helping to protect you pooch so they don’t strain any muscles unnecessarily by allowing full freedom of movement.

The personalised name patch adds an extra layer of security for you and your pooch. Either choose to add his or her name or add a phone number that people can ring should your dog ever go missing for added peace of mind. We’ll print whatever you like on to an attachable Velcro side label that you can easily attach to the dog harness. Our vast range of colours means you can find a unique harness for your pooch to ensure he or she stands out from the crowd. From regal reds to stylish blue hues and classic black dog harnesses, when you shop with us you’ll find a unique harness and can even purchase matching leash for the ultimate in colour co-ordination. The study grab handle and heavy duty ring provide points for a close grip and are extra strong and unbreakable for peace of mind. Find the perfect harness for your dog today when you shop our selection.

Dog Harness frequently asked questions

How do I know what size harness to order?

To find the best size harness for your dog you can use our size guide and measurement instructions found here:

How do I wash my harness?

To clean your dog harness hand wash only in cold water. Please remove Velcro label prior to washing. Velcro labels are not to be washed but may be wiped down.

Does this harness stop dogs from pulling?

No harness will completely stop your dog from pulling as this is a behavior trait which requires specific training. However the Dog Friendly Co. harness will provide you with much greater control when your dog does pull as their weight is dispersed evenly across the body reducing strain on you both. Pair the harness with our Bungee Leash for the ultimate strain free walking experience.

Can the Name Patches be removed from the harness?

The Custom Name Patches are made with Velcro backing and can be removed and swapped around as you like.

Where do you ship the harness from?

All orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Sydney Australia ensuring the fastest possible delivery time on your purchase.

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