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Why Choose a Dog Friendly Co Dog Harness?

Browse Dog Friendly Co.'s online collection of high-quality dog harnesses. Our range of harnesses comes in a variety of colours, so you can find the perfect fit and style for your dog. They are suitable for dogs of all sizes and are customisable with your dog's name too!

Our harnesses are not only stylish but also built to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet during walks, hikes, or any outdoor adventure. Each harness features:

  • Chafe-resistant lightweight straps
  • Breathable materials to keep your dog cool
  • Easy to fit with an adjustable neck and chest
  • Plenty of room to suit any dog, preventing choke or strain

Explore our range of colour variants:

Here's what our customers are saying about our harnesses:

  • Comfort and fit are highly praised, with many noting the harnesses are easy to put on and adjust, preventing choke or strain.
  • Stylish designs and wide range of colours receive numerous compliments.
  • Personalisation with their dog's name is a favourite feature among customers.
  • Durability and quality of the harnesses are highlighted, handling even the most energetic dogs well.
  • Safety features such as chafe-resistant straps and breathable materials are greatly appreciated by dog owners.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please use our live chat or send us an email here:

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While it's generally safe for your dog to wear a harness for short periods of time, we at Dog Friendly Co. do not recommend leaving a harness on your dog all day. Extended wear can potentially cause skin irritation and discomfort. It's best to put the harness on for walks or outings, and then remove it once you're home.

Dogs can often be calmer with a harness, as they help reduce pulling, jumping, or erratic movements. This can lead to a calmer and more predictable behaviour from your dog.

Yes, our harness has an adjustable neck and chest.

No, as the adjustable neck and chest clips allow for plenty of room while ensuring the harness is secure.

Harnesses with the no-pull D-ring attachment are typically best for dogs that tend to pull on the leash or get jumpy on walks. You can add the D-ring attachment to our harness. On top of that, the dog harness is comfortable, chafe resistant and can be personalised, making them a great all round option.

Our dog harnesses at Dog Friendly Co. are designed to be secure and comfortable, with proper fitting and correct size, our harness ensures security and minimizes the risk of escape, even for determined dogs.

Our harnesses are suitable for all breeds and sizes. To find the best fit, you can use our dog harness size calculator

We suggest hand-washing it in cold water with a mild detergent.

Yes, our dog harnesses have a 60 Day perfect fit guarantee!

Harnesses distribute pressure more evenly across the dog's body, reducing the risk of injury to the neck and throat that choke chains can cause.

With the correct harness size, it stays in place even when used with the D-ring. If you're still unsure about sizing,you can email our support team:

Our harnesses, D-rings, and dog leashes feature reflective stitching.