Dog Collar in Australia

Bright, secure and vibrant, the stylish collection of dog collars at Dog Friendly Co means there’s one to suit every pooch. From vivid orange to neon green and camouflage designs, choose from a number of eye catching styles in a variety of bold and classic colours. Each collar is designed with your dog’s upmost comfort in mind and with matching leashes and harnesses available, you can co-ordinate their other accessories, too. Each Dog Friendly Co tactical dog collar is made with a cushioned neoprene lining for your dog’s complete comfort when on walks. The padded coating means if your dog does pull or jump on the leash, they won’t hurt themselves or choke as it’s cushioned for their safety. All of our dog collars are fully adjustable with an easy to close clip fastening which means they’re a great investment and will grow with your dog as they get older.

Our tactical dog collars ensure your dog has the ultimate in visibility when out on the leash. The reflective stitching means that you can head out on walks any time of day or night and be easily seen, giving you and your dog extra visibility whether you like to enjoy early morning or late night strolls together. Pair a new collar with the matching dog leash in our collection for a trendy and eye catching look on your next walk. From bold blues to bright neon shades and classic black, you’ll find a collar to suit your dog’s personality when you browse the selection. Each of our collars also combines with other matching accessories on the site for a smart and stylish look every time you leave the house together. Our collars are so comfy they’re suitable for wearing around the house too if you need to get hold of your dog quickly or want to make sure they have a collar on when going out in the garden.

 Made from an ultra-soft and chafe resistant fabric, the adjustable fastening means your dog will be comfortable even when wearing it for long periods of time. Each collar is also triple stitched to ensure the highest quality and are crafted from ultra-strong fabrics making them one of the most durable offerings on the market. Their durability means when you buy one of our dog collars you’re investing in a collar to last. Our dog collars make a great alternative to a dog harness. Australia’s wide variety of dog breeds mean that harnesses aren’t suitable for every dog and if your dog prefers walking on a traditional collar and leash, we have a wide range available for you to shop.

Likewise, we also have a large variety of harnesses and leashes available at Dog Friendly Co if you’d like to invest in both for your pooch. This can be especially helpful when training a young dog and finding out what they like best. Browse the Dog Friendly Co dog collar collection today and treat your dog to a comfortable and secure new collar today. Make walkies fun again when you explore our dog collar collection.

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