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"The best dog harness I have ever owned. Highly reccomened to all dog owners. If you are looking for something high quality buy this."
Grace C. 08/05/2022
"Just love my new bed... love love love it. Thank you Dog Friendly Co for creating a bed that helps my hips & legs rest well so I can get up bouncing & ready for the day."
Nicole E. 17/04/2022
"Absolutely love the cooling mat!! Not just for the dogs but me too 😅 you can definitely feel the cool coming through just by standing on it."
Andriana G. 01/03/2022
"Best harness and leash I have ever bought it really helps with making a better walking experience, plus my boy looks handsome in the grey Camo colours!"
Katelyn C. 29/03/2022
"Amazing comfort for your dog and amazing support for your dog's joints. My dog never liked to sleep on his bed...after purchasing this mattress, my dog voluntarily walked to this bed and sleeps there"
Bueno 21/04/2022
"Best harness I’ve ever used. Fritz can usually Houdini himself out of usual harnesses. But not this one. So impressed. Highly recommend!"
Dani H. 20/04/2022
"Fantastic collar for my big boy. It’s strong and the best collar he has ever had. I have the confidence that it’s not going to break should I have to hold him back."
Louis H. 28/02/2022
"Absolutely PERFECT 😍 One action to put on. No more stress to put harness on! Walking was FABULOUS! Nala was able to walk freely ( as she pulls a lot) with the AMAZING lead."
Vanessa H. 18/03/2022

The Most Comfortable And Highly
Effective Orthopedic Dog Bed Available

Infused with lavander to promote sleep and reduce anxiety

Egg crate memory foam provides maximum comfort and joint protection

Soft suede detachable cover, hard-wearing, and waterproof.

Durable and Easy to clean machine washable cover